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Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54

Who We Are: At STS, we provide consulting services focused in the following areas: i) voice and data network design, convergence, and enabling new technologies , ii) business case construction, analysis, and review services (we have developed a portfolio of templates that help clarify and analyze business plans), iii) licensed engineering design, analysis, and subcontract services, iv) regulatory business case analysis and strategic planning services, and v) expert witness support of patent law cases.

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Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54

Our Beliefs: We believe at STS, we have the best team of telecommunication technology and regulatory expertise in the industry with a proven track record and a passion (belief that this task can be performed well, and that the networks we have helped build need to evolve) to move the network forward rapidly in both capability and service level. Lastly, we believe very strongly in ethical, fair and equitable approach to financial analysis.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2008 04:11

Experience and Knowledge: The management and design team at STS has a combined 150+ years of experience specifically dedicated to telecommunications and business. We have managed network installations from start to finish. We have founded no less than seven successful, profitable start-up companies between the team members, helping dozens of others, and understand the business, the people, and the effort required to succeed. We have many accolades from our clients, and have become trusted advisors to them as they evolve and grow their companies. We have been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in capital and development funds, with proven risk analysis skills. We know how to lead, we know how to learn from mistakes, mitigate risk, and we know how to articulate and create industry leading solutions. Because we are hands on, we also know how to get the job done, and we are keenly aware of what is going on in technology, what is "on the network", which is pre-requisite to any network planning.

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Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54

Unique Talent: The capabilities of our team are strongly demanded in the telecommunications market place primarily because we offer unique skill combinations not easily found in one place in the industry. For example we are experts of traditional TDM/Voice as well as with the latest IP technologies such as MPLS, Traffic Engineering, Video and VoIP with Quality of Service. Furthermore, we combine Layer 1 fiber, radio/wireless, and electrical expertise with Layer 2 (Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay) and Layer 3 (IP). We have been heavily involved lately with Metro Ethernet, and a service called Any Transport over MPLS. Hands-on level mastery of these technologies cannot work without knowledge of the regulatory environment and a keen experience and sense for managing the deployment of new technologies, integrating them with legacy technology, and designing networks supporting open and reliable standards. Our unique financial understanding of complex networks provides us with the talent it takes to make a broadband network of the future work. We have successfully managed a grass roots wireless broadband provider to a sustainable ROI threshold. 

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